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Envisioning a Clinical Business Plan

The initial stages in the establishment of facilities for health-care involve the formulation of a detailed business plan that is both comprehensive and target-oriented. In order to achieve this a detailed analysis of the market must be done both at the primary and secondary level ranging from the demography of the target population, etiology of diseases, segmentation of the market and the dynamics of supply and demand that are crucial determinants in terms of plan focus and successful execution. Such analysis enables to tailor the clinician's services in such a way that it meets the demands of the market in a current and futuristic outlook.

Initially, the process of infrastructure planning is done in terms of acquiring both equipment's and manpower. These details enable the formulation of the hospital project report in which the projected costs and financial requirements are presented in an implementation-oriented manner.

Over the years, Biomedical Engineering Company has been involved with the procurement and distribution of equipment as part of several hospital planning ventures across the globe. In this light, our services begin early in the planning process in which the nature and number of equipment necessary are determined, the selection process in which the equipment are chosen from a wide variety of procurement styles up to the actual installation and demonstration of the machine procured.

Designing Health-care Facilities

The designing process is done in such a way that it complies with the standards adopted currently in the global scenario. The formulation of the design is done on the basis of the number and nature of specialty departments and the expected size of the target population, keeping in mind efficient service management and adequacy. At Biomedical Engineering Company, each hospital design is a constant improvisation on the basis of prior experience so that a unique healing milieu is created that is both cost and energy efficient.

Recruitment Assistance

Biomedical Engineering Company deals with hospital staffing and man-power concerns in accordance to the requirements of the portfolios planned in the initial project report. Apart from staffing, Biomedical Engineering Company takes a step beyond in terms of profilespecific recruitment and training requirements. An initial assessment is done in terms of the available man-power With the services offered by the hospital plan in mind, staffing is done at all levels ranging from doctors to technicians and nurses, thereby providing a one-stop solution in terms of equipping the hospital both technically and manually. The human resources requirements will be filled after considering the worth of the candidates in terms of how qualified they are in addition to a background check.

Training Assistance

Apart from absorbing the best talent there, Biomedical Engineering Company also employs strategic planning to aid in the identification, recruitment and training of human resource requirements ranging from doctors to nurses and technicians. In order to realize this goal, local expertise building is encouraged through a long term plan that guides knowledge transfer down the cadre.

Prioritizing HealthCare Quality in Management

At Biomedical Engineering Company we strive for quality at every step of the way. With each new project we attempt to best our previous accomplishment thereby yielding unique, state of the art results to all our customers. Thus each project with Biomedical Engineering Company receives the individualistic focus of our experts and technicians so that every challenge is taken on according to the merits of the standards set. Thus our clientele can tap from the vast knowledge of our experts and thereby provide the boon of priority health-care world-wide.

Hospital Commissioning and Start up Assistance

At Biomedical Engineering Company, we believe in offering our expertise so that your hospital can be effectively commissioned for startup. In order to effect this, we lay the ground work for you in terms of the systematization, protocol development, service provision and structural deployment so that government norms, policies, licenses and approvals are obtained as per regulations to ensure effective operation and marketability. Our expertise at campaigning and brand development will ensure the marketability on the basis of operational efficiency and trust at the launch itself

Hospital Operational Resource Management

Biomedical Engineering Company also extends its services towards hospital management. Thus our operations concentrate on committing ourselves to 1. Recruitment of skilled clinicians and managers so that services from both ends are best. 2. Maintenance of global standards and accreditations. 3. Sustenance of competence in terms of quality, service and care. Hospital operations are taken up by an efficient management team set up by Biomedical Engineering Company, in such a way that operations match international standards for health care management. Such efficiency contributes to competence and thereby ensures trust-worthiness and credibility to the hospital amongst its peers.

Hospital Consulting

Biomedical Engineering Company's success lies in its efficient follow-up programs and reviews that enable constant evaluation and improvisation in order to attain performance efficiency. This method confers the advantage of performance competence to the hospital and value addition in terms of returns. Thus the

  • Target market
  • Nature and size of the competition
  • Financial resources
  • Health-care services
  • Improving clinical services and health care,
  • Managing the revenue cycle,
  • Modeling for revenue and cost,
  • Managing procurements,
are constantly monitored in order to ensure optimal performance at all times.

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